I hope in childhood everyone might have seen the cartoon Ton and Jerry?? But these days we can see Tom And jerry live in our country where opposition party moist is playing the role of tom and government is playing the role of jerry. Moist are behind the government for leadership of country and government is running like a afraid mouse .
Parchanda says we never stop our violence until we get the leadership and Prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal says we never Regine from the strike from the street and third party Nepali congress and Sugata are on their own view. The question is that moist gather around one million people in their strike . But Nepal has got population of around 30 million population and in same ratio if u look then partly there will me 30 of 1 million people here and if tomorrow another one million mass comes here and says we need our kingdom back then could nepal be a kingdom? And if another mass of people says we want nepal as hindu kingdon then could nepal will be again hindu kingdom? People are suffering, poverty problem is another side,factory banks and other economic sector are decline day by day and the main issue of making constitution is left but Government and Moist are playing the game of tom and jerry.